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Your experience will begin with a free initial consultation and colour match service where our Director will make an assessment of your hair type, discuss your requirements and the look you want to achieve. She will take the time to explain all the different methods, perform demonstrations and provide you with a quotation dependent on the thickness, length and recommended method.

Once we have assessed your suitability for hair extensions we will book your fitting appointment, usually 7 days after your consultation, where you will return to have your hair extensions fitted.

During your fitting appointment we will talk you through our hair extension maintenance program and provide you with aftercare advice, hair extension information leaflets as well as answer any questions you may have. We know for many, this will be your first experience with hair extensions and we want your experience to be both positive and exciting. We are happy to answer any questions and welcome clients who have had a less than positive experience elsewhere.

Regular high quality hair maintenance appointments are essential to ensure the hair extensions remain in their best condition. You will be advised to return for regular maintenance appointments dependent on which method is recommended for you. ​

Curling service, premium drinks and Netflix is included in the price every time your return.

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