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At Godiva, we ensure that all our hair is ethically sourced Eastern Europe and the surrounding regions.  Virgin human hair is the most expensive type of hair, mainly because of its strength and quality is much more superior in durability and therefore will pay in dividends for the price invested.


Other hair types lack this quality due to their exposure of chemicals and processing. Therefore, these can only last for a few months, while our Godiva human hair can last for over a year.  Why is Godiva hair the best? It is down to genetics, climate and dietary factors making this hair beautifully soft and silky, yet at the same time strong and durable.  Our Godiva human hair is coloured using the gentlest and most expert methods, leaving the condition and integrity of the hair intact.

All in all, any salons which claim to have human hair, but give only a 5 year guarantee on their hair extensions, unfortunately you will have been mislead. The same goes for many salons who are asking for a high price for their human hair, some salons are asking for £1000 - £2000 for a full head and make ridiculous claims that they are the only salon in the region to source this type of hair.

I personally have been wearing hair extensions for 18 years and have searched high and low for the best hair, fitting method, a fair pricing structure, lush salon surroundings and the most important - client satisfaction.  I have been willing to travel miles to find only the best, which to this date I still have not found.  Therefore I founded Godiva Hair Extensions. With all the knowledge and experience I have learned over the years in the hair extension industry I am confident that I can provide the best quality human hair, the safest and discreet attachment methods, a beautiful boutique and guaranteed client satisfaction.

This is why we have clients who are willing to travel long distances to visit Godiva Hair Extensions as no other salon can provide the hair quality, longevity, pricing structure and client satisfaction.


Our boutique carries stock of lots of shades and textures, available from 16 to 24 inches, so your hair extensions can be tailored in house to suit all our clients, regardless of existing hair colour, texture, highlights/lowlights etc.


Trust in the professionals at Godiva Hair Extensions.

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