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Voted top 10 best hair extension salon in England in 2019 & 2020.
Awarded highly commended hair extension salon in England in 2020 by the English Hair & Beauty Awards. Nominated for Hair Extension of the year 2021. Winner of Hair Loss & Wig Specialist of the Year 2022.

All our hair is:

100% Human Hair

Double drawn

Grade 8A

Available in 16 - 24 inches

Lifespan 12-18 months.

We specialise in the Godiva Secret Weave, Godiva Weave, Nano rings, Micro rings, Mini tips, Godiva Crown Systems - a unique mesh integration system, Godiva Royale Systems - a unique meshless integration for ladies hair loss and customised handmade wigs and high quality fibre wigs.

We refuse to use any methods that use glue or heat, therefore we do not offer any keratin or tape methods.  Research shows that over time they can be damaging to your natural hair.

Why we were voted as highly commended ‘H


Nano Rings
Micro Rings
Mini Tips

After many years of research into looking for the best and safest hair extension attachment method, we believe by using tiny rings to attach to your natural hair is one of the safest and most discreet method.

Why is this safe? Because there are no chemicals. No glue. No heat. No damage to the natural hair. Hot or cold fusion methods use chemical agents. Extensions are glued, and this sometimes can be a disaster for your hair and scalp. The keratin removal can be very damaging and leave severe consequences.

Ring methods are safe, secure, discrete and almost invisible when hidden underneath your natural hair. Our rings are offered in a multitude of colours and can match any possible hair colour.  A correctly fitted set will be invisible and will be absolutely secure and safe.

There is no damage to the natural hair and your own hair can grow thicker, stronger and healthier whilst wearing Godiva Hair Extensions. Your hair extensions will need to be maintained every 12 weeks where each ring is removed along with natural hair shedding and a fresh ring installed. 

We don't complete tightening appointments, this is when the ring is opened and pushed back up the shaft of the hair.  We feel this can damage the hair follicle and clump up the natural hair shedding.  Therefore we complete a total refit each time at your 12 week refit appointments.

This method can take 3 hours to install.

Styling, straightening and curling is included in the price at each of your refit appointments.

This technique can only be completed on certain hair types.  An assessment of your natural hair will be completed at your consultation appointment and the best recommended method will be discussed with you.

Consultations take 30 minutes and are free.


If you are looking for glamour, full thickness and versatility then any of our Godiva Weaves are for you.

Our weaves are attached to small strands of your natural hair using small micro rings, the rest of your hair is unattached.

For a full head of hair, 150g you only need about 40-45 rings per head.  Therefore this method qualifies as one of the kindest hair extension methods.

A weave fitting takes between 2.5 hours which includes, fitting, cutting, blending and styling. 

Maintenance appointments are needed every 8 weeks.  At these appointments we complete a total refit each time so that we can take special care of your natural hair.  So at each refit appointment we remove the whole of the system and totally refit, we include straightening, curling & styling as part of the price at each refit appointment.

Consultations take 30 minutes and are free.


Brand new hair extension method taking the industry by storm


If there’s one thing that Godiva Hair Extensions does well, it’s keeping ahead of all the new innovative methods in the hair industry world.  New methods that are only exclusively offered at Godiva Hair Extensions, that will keep you coming back for more.


Our professional team of hair extensionists are here to provide you with several unique services including our very popular Godiva Secret Weave.


Like the Godiva Celebrity Weave, the Secret Weave is one of our most popular methods as it is extremely discrete with using double wefts especially great for that perfect pony tail look.

The Godiva Secret Weave is a brand new method of applying weft hair extensions that uses no heat, no glue, no braids, no tension and most importantly no rings on show.

The Godiva Secret Weave is a brand new method of applying weft hair extensions with no visible connections.  This method is applied by hiding the connection from the top and the bottom and also provides a more comfortable and versatile fit for most hair type.  Allowing clients the flexibility to wear their hair up in more styles without showing any connections.

Every aspect of the Godiva Secret Weave method is unique from the way we thread and knot, to the size of the rings, to the sectioning and placements.

A Godiva Weave takes 2.5 - 2.75 hours to fit, cut, blend and style.

Maintenance appointments are required at 8 weekly intervals.

Consultations take 30 minutes and are free.


Perfect for fine hair that needs a little boost


Do you have thin hair?

Does your hair dry in a couple of minutes?

Do you have to wash your hair daily?

Is your hair constantly oily?

Do you always have to wear your hair up?

Does your hair never seem to grow?

Does your hair constantly break off at the ends?

Have you always dreamed of thicker, longer hair?

Then our Godiva Mesh/Meshless Integration Systems could be for you.

These systems allow you to have your dream hair without any compromises to the health of your natural hair.

Maintenances are needed every 8 weeks.

Fitting, cutting, blending and styling can take up to 3 hours to complete.

Consultations take 30 minutes and are free.



(Colouring services for Hair Loss and Hair Extension clients only)

We aren't a regular hair salon, so why should we use regular hair colouring products.

We are passionate about the health of your natural hair, so we only use the very best hair colouring products for our clients.  That is why we only use colours that have low PH levels.


  • High saturation permanent liquid colour reinvented

  • Low ammonia formula

  • Get rich, saturated results with high impact shine

  • Up to 100% grey coverage

  • Long-lasting results with anti-fade technology.

Our demi-permanent hair colour that can help enhance your hairs natural shine while while correcting and revitalising the tone of your hair.  It helps to improve the look of your hair without over processing or drying out your strands.

We only use the best colouring products on the market, which are perfect for the health of your natural hair and having a PH level of below 5 where most other brands are 10 and above


We do however only offer root touch ups and one colour services. We do not offer any bleaching services, which includes highlighting or balayage due to the nature of our business.

Consultations and patch tests take 30 minutes and are free.



Do you feel you have lost your confidence due to hair loss?

Do you suffer from:

Alopecia, Telegenic Effluvium, Trichotillomania, Medication related hair loss, Diet related hair loss, Child birth & pregnancy hair loss, Menopause related hair loss, Age related hair loss, Male pattern baldness, Receding hair line, Hereditary hair loss.

Our Godiva Crown Systems - a unique mesh integration system is a perfect solution to help mask the issue and help you feel more confident on a daily basis.

Our mesh systems are designed to fit comfortably on top of your existing hair.secured with silicone lined rings.  Master partings and wefts are then attached to the mesh system to create a discreet and very real looking head of hair.

The beauty of this technique is the freedom it gives you to wear a system that looks and feels like your real hair.  The Godiva mesh system allows you to wash, brush, straighten, curl and style your hair as you would normally.  All the master partings and wefts are made from 100% human hair and they have a lifespan of 12 months.

10 weekly maintenances are needed.  A fitting of a master parting, wefts, cutting, blending and styling can take up to 4 hours to complete.

Consultations take 45 minutes and are free.

Head over to our other company Godiva Hair Loss & Wig Specialists to find out more.


Custom handmade lace frontal & 360 lace wigs

Celebrities are always looking for fresh way to stay one step ahead of the game.  What was once a last ditch effort to hide short/fine or thin hair has now become the leading accessory to hit the red carpet - wigs.

Stars like Kyle Jenner and Beyoncé are wearing wigs, not to hide damaged hair, but rather to debut innovative and disposable looks.  Celebrities are showcasing hair in a multitude of styles and colours.

Wigs are taking over the hair industry.

Russian human hair handmade wigs:

Custom made

100% human hair

Double drawn

Hand made

Lace frontal & Full lace

Custom coloured

Any length, colour or length can be made.

Prices from £400 - £700.

We also offer Godiva fibre wigs, another price range choice:

Lace frontal or wefted caps

Super silky, feels like real hair.

Fits 21-23 inches

Adjustable straps build in.

Prices range from £130 - £170

Head over to our shop to view:



International Trained Educators - with students in the US, Australia, Europe & UK

Pre book now for one of our accredited t

Why trust in Godiva Training Academy to receive your hair extension qualification:

We have our own training academy designed professionally for all your training needs.

All our courses are CPD and ABT accredited.  These emblems show students that we are approved, endorsed and eligible to offer accredited approved qualified courses.  Which allows students to receive fully covered insurance packages and trade discounts with Godiva Hair and other hair suppliers.

Train with the professionals - awarded highly commended hair extension salon 2020.  Voted top 10 best hair extension salons in England in 2019 & 2020 by the English Hair & Beauty Awards. Nominated Training Academy of the year 2021. Silver winner 2021. Winner of the Hair Loss & Wig Specialist of the Year 2021.

We provide accredited training in the following courses:

Ring Methods (Nano, Micro & Mini tips)

2 Track Weave method

Godiva Secret Weave

Godiva Perimeter System

Keratin bonds & Tape

Ladies Hair Loss - Godiva Crown System (a unique Mesh Integration System)

Ladies Hair Loss - Godiva Royale System (a unique Meshless Integration System)

Ladies Hair Loss - Godiva Advanced Hair Loss System - building strong foundations

Custom made lace frontal wigs

Head over to our company Godiva Training Academy to find out more information.

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